Lake Gardens

This tropical paradise is a wonderful place to take your kids.  There are toilets within walking distance from the main play area.  The play area itself it enormous, fairly well maintained and clean.  It can be warm, so remember the sun block.  However, we didn’t have a problem with mozzies, which I found disconcerting as there is a lake there.  Stagnant water = mozzies, or so I assumed.  Also, parking is a little odd.  We had to park some distance away at the parking areas of other attractions and take the shuttle bus over.  However, I attribute this to the fact that the LAMAN festival was taking place.  Will update you once I visit again during a non-event week.

UPDATE: Sept 2008

Jon had a few days off so we took the kids back.  It was great fun as we had our red wagon with us too.  Parking was ridicuously simple, it’s by the main entrance, not 30 feet away.  However, none of the water fountains work, nor are they are any vendors selling water (becuase it is fasting month) so we had to leave due to thirst.  Yes, I was silly not to bring any.  Weikim would’ve!


The School Holidays

We’re on the last day of a two week break. Jon is in Sydney at a exhibition. I am a little sunburnt. The kids are watching Playhouse Disney at the moment. Life is good.

I started with high hopes and secretly savoured a hope that I would teach Bern to read in two weeks. As you can imagine, I didn’t even get started, never mind get close to anything like success. And I don’t have a single regret.

We whiled away the two weeks playing with our friends, KW and HY. We went to the Lake Gardens twice to visit a plant exhibition. The kids climbed, ran, jumped, slid about and got filthy! An all round great time. We had lots of naps and read lots of stories. The Lego came out and Bern created several fantastic concoctions. Bern and I made a pasta bake-yummy. We’ve bathed the guinea pigs and walked the bunny. We’ve even Skyped with Jon in Sydney. Bern also attended a trial Yamaha JMC class and was totally thrilled by it.

And when I got the workbooks out, I had to beg them to put them away. They wanted to go on and on. I opted to stop while I was ahead. But I think that this break was a great testing period for when we begin in earnest. Yup, Bern is scheduled to finish with Kindiecare after this concert semester.

My Purpose

I am starting this blog so I can chronicle  my family’s homeschooling journey.  I have three children, two of whom are in a wonderful kindergarten.  However, I will probably withdraw my eldest by the end of this year and let my second stay on for a while more.  I don’t know if my youngest will ever go to kindie…it’s still open to discussion.

I also hope to compile information relevant to other homeschool families in Malaysia.   I am finding it very difficult to get any information regarding our legal status.  It was also a little difficult to find  other families who homeschool for non-religious reasons.  And finally, doing all that research (which I am still doing) was totally daunting at first.  I really hope to provide a starting point for other families like mine.