Lake Gardens

This tropical paradise is a wonderful place to take your kids.  There are toilets within walking distance from the main play area.  The play area itself it enormous, fairly well maintained and clean.  It can be warm, so remember the sun block.  However, we didn’t have a problem with mozzies, which I found disconcerting as there is a lake there.  Stagnant water = mozzies, or so I assumed.  Also, parking is a little odd.  We had to park some distance away at the parking areas of other attractions and take the shuttle bus over.  However, I attribute this to the fact that the LAMAN festival was taking place.  Will update you once I visit again during a non-event week.

UPDATE: Sept 2008

Jon had a few days off so we took the kids back.  It was great fun as we had our red wagon with us too.  Parking was ridicuously simple, it’s by the main entrance, not 30 feet away.  However, none of the water fountains work, nor are they are any vendors selling water (becuase it is fasting month) so we had to leave due to thirst.  Yes, I was silly not to bring any.  Weikim would’ve!


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