Butterfly Park

Poor Preserved Butterflies

When we revisited Lake Garden, we also squeezed in a visit to the Butterfly Park.  Since the 120 species of butterflies and the rambling garden are much described, I will tell you about the less well known ‘attractions’ of the park.

It has a very large (at least by my gues-timation) collection of preserved bugs, beetles, butterflies and moths.  Bern was morbidly fascinated and kept dragging me off to look at ‘that spotted beetle’ and his ‘favourite beetle’ and the ‘coolest ever beetle’, while Katelin spent ages deliberating over which was the most beautiful butterfly.  She decided that the iridescent South American Morpho butterflies were the most attractive.  Cian was delighted to be allowed to hold his very first ‘own’ Ribena.  We figured it would be OK for him to spill the stuff, plus he was already filthy from the playground.

It is here that I admit that I passed many educational opportunities to broaden their knowledge of these fascinating creatures: but I was so creeped out by the bugs and beetles.  And they were dead!  It made me remember the time Jon took me to the Natural History Museum in London.  I almost passed out at all the displays.  I still cannot decide what confused me more, the ‘life-likeness’ of the dead animals or the ‘deadness’ the glass eyes looking back at me.

Once you find the entrance, (which is inadvertantly small and missable) the place is easy to navigate.  However, don’t bother with your pushchair as there are lots and lots of stairs.  There are toilets but I cannot comment on the quality of them as we didn’t need them (to my surprise).  We paid RM24 for two adults and two children, which is pretty fair.  There was an additional fee for the camera but I forget how much.


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