Dyslexia Hero

Every time I am tempted to go and buy phonics teaching material to teach Bern to read, I turn to Ron Davis.  Even today, I almost gave in and spent a couple of hours contemplating which programme to buy, before deciding I couldn’t abide the American accents.  Then I investigated a few British ones and saw the name Davis.  Which kicked my mind back to Ron Davis.  Anyway, below is a link to an interview with him.  It’s well worth a read and really inspiring.  I’m off to make some clay…


Here’s the link to his site about dyslesxia.  He also works with autistic kids.


4 thoughts on “Dyslexia Hero

  1. Here’s the recipe for a great play doh

    3 cups plain flour
    1.5 cups salt
    3 cups water
    3 tablespoons oil
    3 teaspoons cream of tartar
    food colouring
    A few drops of almond essence

    Put all ingredients into a pan and cook on a gentle heat, stirring all the time.
    When the dough becomes smooth and shiney it has been cooked sufficiently.
    Remove the dough from the pan and allow to cool a little before kneading thoroughly.
    Store the dough in a plastic container in the fridge.

  2. Hi..i am exploring the idea for my 5years old girl for homeschooling.
    We stay in USJ 13, Subang Jaya and gotto know there is a church manning a homeschool in Kota Kumuning and USJ 10.
    We sincerely appreciate you can give us some good advise as to what other areas/questions/concerns pertaining to homeschooling, especially in Malaysia.
    Thank you very much.

    holee, father to Jing Yee

    • Hi, there is so much info available on the internet I really don’t know where to start. It really depends on what you want to achieve for you child. There are many ways to teach your child and the way in which your child prefers to learn should also greatly influence your decision. I have a lot of books which i am glad to share. Do drop me an email and let me know what you’d like to have a look at 🙂

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