It has been many months since I last updated this blog so I was totally surprised to see quite a few readers and comments.  Thank you very much to those who’ve dropped by.

We’ve bought and moved into a new house, sent our helper back to Indonesia (upon her request) and done a little local travel since the last post and of course a lot of learning.  None of it booked based aside from our daily story sessions.  We’ve had a great time and Bern has really changed a lot.  He also spoke to Katarina his Godma about how the last few months of school were very difficult for him and why.  I never heard the full story from and and the little heart to heart, which Katarina shared with me, only serves to reassure me that homeschool is better for Bern.

I’ll be trying to update regularly again from now onwards but we’ve yet to have WIMAX installed so I’m still working via my mum’s place.  Wish me luck 🙂

On the upside, while we were moving, Bern wanted to help.  Jon asked him to empty some kitchen drawers into reusable bags.  The sensible little fella actually thought to tie the handles to the drawer handles so he could empty to the contents of the drawers with out sacrificing a hand to holding open the bags 🙂  Not bad huh?

I’m noticing that Bern will do stuff to help while Kiki (who is still in kindie) needs a load of praise or else nada!