Exhausted us

We have been very slack about posting and I feel the need to offer an explanation.

A fellow homeschooler said MOE officials had visited her and given her lots of trouble for HSing her kids.  I got kinda nervous.  I mean, OK….I have a fair excuse but still, I am loath to deal with government officials in any context as it invariable results in funding a tea break of sorts.

The kids seems to have collected an interesting t of friends and we have been having playdates most afternoons.  It is wonderful to see them play and create, improvise and compromise, sweat and scream.  They have fun climbing, wading in the pond, splashing in the paddling pool and feeding the chickens.  Inspecting local wildlife is also a favourite pastime and they have found all sorts of bugs, insects and grubs to scrutinize.

The kids have been going to gymnastics for over a year now and still loving it a lot.  I really like how they have learnt to use their entire bodies and how much better coordinated and balanced they are.  Cian is always the first to climb up something and then leap off!

Bern recently started fencing and we are all in awe of how fun yet disciplined it is.  The combination of strict manners and calculated aggression is exhilarating.  I may just take it up myself in a few months.

As a reward to myself for homeschooling, I have taken a couple of hours every morning for myself to walk, run and just be with my dogs.  They are the happiest and most content they have ever been and I feel ALIVE.  I jumped into a monsoon drain deeper than I am tall to fish out our blind foster pup, AND climbed out with no problem.  Three months ago, I would’ve had to call the fire department.

Since August last year, we’ve fostered and rehomed 3 dogs.  We also put n a vegetable patch and started raising chickens.  So all in all, it’s been a wonderful time of learning and growth.  We’re mostly exhausted each night before bed, and we wake up with anticipation of what each new day will bring.


5 thoughts on “Exhausted us

    • They came to her house and asked her why her children weren’t in school. She then said one of her son’s had special needs and they then tried to get her to enrol him in a local special needs school. She countered that most of the children there were severely disabled while her son only had dyslexia. Eventually, they left them alone but it was stressful.

  1. Hi,

    Children with special educational needs -no matter the degree, have a RIGHT to be homeschooled. If anyone who has a child with LD and is HSing and has trouble, there is data available to support that the number of schools offering SEN, trained teachers to deal with learners, versus the number of learners in total who face LDs in Malaysia does not tally at all!

    These units mix up across spectrum – mild to profound and I personally, totally disagree with that. Children with specific learning difficulties are totally different from those with severe to profound problems.

    Hope this helps.

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