A mother’s point of view

Tonight, I am tired.

I want to do more with the blog.  The whole direction has changed and I want it to be more than just a heap of information.  This is where I will tell our story and sometimes, share useful information.

When I first began, I had these ideals of being useful and helpful.  I wanted to be someone people could turn to for information and advice.  Nowadays though, doing right by the kids and my family, and work and the pets….it’s about all I can muster.

Am I giving up? Finding it too hard? Faltering?

No.  I’ve just crossed an invisible line where I realise that the whole homeschooling thing is so… infinite.  It’s a (w)holitsic thing and the very dynamic of our family, our friendships, priorities and lifestyle, it’s all beginning to shift.  I’m not sure exactly what these sublte changes are and where we will end up, but we’re OK with that.

I love how our lives have changed for the better.  The kids are sick less often.  Maybe it’s less exposure to germs, or maybe they’re eating better.  It’s a chicken and egg thing.  I love reading to them and hearing their thoughtful questions.  I love being able to admire their kind hearts and quick minds.  I love watching them play and imagine.  I love how they care for each other and stand up for each other when I get mad at one.  I love being able to tell them it’s not OK to tattle tale.  I love it all.

But it’s a lot of work.  And I am just a little tired tonight.


3 thoughts on “A mother’s point of view

  1. Alicia, you give and give…..and sometimes you need to allow yourself to receive. You’re doing a great job as a mom and you’ll only know this when it is reflected off the eyes of others who see how you are and how your kids are with you – happy, confident, well-adjusted. It’s a brave thing you’ve done for your kids and you are an inspiration to many.

    If you haven’t noticed yourself, you ARE someone people turn to for information and advice! Ideal achieved! Your site is clean, clear and uncluttered – keep it like this! I think these ‘subtle shifts’ you mentioned came along because the things that needed to fall in place, the dots that needed to be connected, have – and you’re now starting to move in the direction that was always meant for you. Wherever you do end up it will be more than “OK”, I am sure of that.

  2. Shannon (my wife) linked your website onto her website. So that’s how I got in.

    Infinity – that’s right, that’s how I felt too. There are just no boundaries. Shannon said “is a lifestyle dear”. I could not have agreed more, Alicia. It made me look forward to spending time with the girls. So much so that it made me think of wanting to quit the job and spend more time with them. Of course is wishful thinking. But you catch the drift.

    I thought maintaining the blog is like a journal for the children and possibly for the benefit of other “wannabe” homeschoolers too. Shannon maintains her blog, and I am the commentator. Anyway, you know, I bet if I ask you what you did last week with the kids, you could not blurt it out, not because you didn;t. But because you did so much things, you just can’t recall. So your blog will serve that purpose too.

    A little tired? You are fitter that me, that’s definite. I always thought I got rammed over by a 6-tonne truck on the mornings after the weekends.


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