Homeschoolers Playdate at Kepong Kite Park

Tomorrow, Sunday 16th Jan, we are going to the Kepong Kite Park to meet up with Fiona and her kids at 4.30pm.  It’s all very exciting and anyone else who’d like to come is most welcome.  There’s no agenda or plan, just the aim to have fun and make friends.

For those of you who do’t know it, it’s a gorgeous public park where many people go to fly kites.  The alsmot constant breeze from highway traffic zooming by helps I think.  The whole place is (mostly) well maintained and pleasant.  People sell kites from their vans and there always seems to be an ice cream seller on his bike.

The children adore spending time there and Bern actually celebrated his 5th birthday there.  The reflexology path is pure torture and the kids howl with laughter when Jon and myself attempt it.  Not sure about bathroom facilities but parking is limited.  I’ve read that you can fish at the lake but thats a dubious pleasure as I’m not enamored of the idea of sitting for hours on end in the hopes of maybe catching a fish.

Anyways, pop by if you fancy joining us.  We’ll be there with our kites and lots of water.  Drop me an email at or DM via Twitter @aliciahorsley if you need to.


On endings and beginnings

It’s the end of the first week of the new year and we have been so so so busy since Christmas. The entire holiday season was so special with Nana and Grandad staying til the week before Christmas. Then the family celebration at my parents. For New Years Eve we watched the fireworks from their godparent’s apartment on Jalan Tun Razak. Then it was my birthday and the sweeties told me I could have a day off and advised me, “Go on a date with Papa.”

Tomorrow, we will begin our work in earnest. This is not to say I’ll be sitting them down for a set number of hours per day with goals and aims to race towards. I’ve realised we’re not that into structure at the moment. And at this point in our lives, with them being still so young, it’s OK. I can honestly say that I can count the number of times they’ve said, “I’m bored!” on one hand.

The fact that I interfere very little in their daily activities has led to them being very capable of making decisions and finding things to do. Frankly, it’s not a bad thing. They only consult me when they want to put the TV on.

This year, I have two objectives. I am going to facilitate and help them realise their full physical potential: bicycling, hula hooping, swimming, skating, climbing and balance. I am also going to help Bern and Kiki learn to read. Both are desperate for various reasons, but I reckon this is an excellent time to exploit their enthusiam, crafty huh?

And an additional bonus would be to get Cian to take instructions. Even half the time would be positively inspirational.

Just typical...

Just typical…