Homeschool Centres

I am not a homeschool centre. You cannot send me your children.  They cannot enrol with me. I am not qualified to recommend any nor am I a directory of homeschool centres in PJ, Kajang, Ipoh etc. I am a mother doing her level best to let her children learn what they want to learn, when they want to learn, where they want to learn.  I don’t use a syllabus and I don’t have a timetable.

Homeschooling is a personal choice for parents to take responsibility for their own children’s education. A homeschool centre (like any other one size fits all school), in my opinion would be anathema to this.  While they are different to mainstream schools, they are still schools. If that is what you want for you child, that’s fine. But please understand the difference and realise that you are wasting your time asking me for help or advice.

See how short this post is? It’s because I don’t know much about the topic 🙂


33 thoughts on “Homeschool Centres

  1. Hi. You say you don’t use a timetable and you don’t use a syllabus. SO, what are your children learning and what do you plan for their future education? Maybe your kids are a little too young so you have not thought about that aspect. How old are they?

    Please enlighten us. 🙂

    • Thr children are young; 4, 6 and 8. What are they learning? All sorts! Cooking, gardening, customer service, music, philosophy, dragons and anything else that piques their interest.

      If they want to go to university, then we’ll prepare. Most likely we will do iGCSE’s but if they want to pursue something else, that’s fine too.

    • Hi All. Greetings
      I represent Eduss Asia, an Australian software education provider. It’s software has done wonders with 1.5m children and 5k schools. There are 2 products that we are selling now. XiTeach which covers English, Maths and Phonics (e-learning) and Perceptual Skill (CD) is for pre-school children.

      I am looking for around 20 parents to test our e-learning for 1-2 months and see the affects of the learning on their child. Let me know your interest. I can be reached on 019-3188824 or email me at Please remember, our e-learning has no-equivalent in Malaysia according to our research and research done by Mckinsey.

      If you have young children, i recommend our Perceptual skills on CD. I am using this on my child who is 2 yrs + and it has great affect. Basically, it has pulled him away from the TV.

    • At the moment they are 4, 6, and 8. the plan is to let their interest lead them. If they decide they want to go to university, I’ll get a secondary syllabus and work through it with them. If not, then they can learn what floats their boat.

  2. hi alicia im knowing you from our cat show im a friend to your sister olie.i would like to know much about how you do on home school for your children


  3. Hi, I perfectly understand. My children are older 9, 13, 14. I am preparing the older ones for SAT. However, all have life-skills, although “dragons” are not one of them.
    Keep at it. You know your children best!

  4. Hi, i am trying to find information on whether or not a home school co-op is available in KL. Do you have any information on one?

    Thank you!

  5. Alicia, this is bold of me but then again, that is me. You know why people think you’re the go-to person? It’s all about positioning and branding, baby. A name like “homeschoolmalaysia” is prime real-estate. When people google up these two keywords the spiders think you are the most relevant site and thus refer people to you.

    But you and I both know how this is going to work out eventually : I am going to set up these world-class schooling alternative centers and I am going to pay your blogsite to post ads on them about my centers – BWAHAHAHAHAHA (really evil laugh).

    Thanks for manning the fort – all of us just need to keep thumping our chest and keep up the war-cry – “A homeschool centre (like any other one size fits all school), in my opinion would be anathema to this.”.

    See how my comments are almost as long as your post? It’s because I’m really feelin’ ya’ sista!

    Enjoy the open day at Taylor’s. Give us a report, will ya :)?

  6. My family and I will be moving to Johor Bahru in August. I am strongly considering homeschooling my children, 9, 6 and 18mths. Well, the baby is still too young but never too early to start 🙂 However, I am looking for a homeschool group in that area but have not found any. I really do not want to do this alone as I am concerned about the socialisation or at least for them to grow up “normal” and have friends that they can play and bond over long lasting friendship. I know there is a huge homeschooling group in SIngapore but I really do not feel like driving in and out of there all the time. It would be nice to make new friends closer to home where we can hang out more often and do projects together. Do you by any chance know of anybody in and around Nusajaya area Johor that homeschool their children? Thank you so much!


    • Hi Suri,

      I homeschool my kid – she is 13 yrs. We live in Nusa Bestari area.
      We have another kid 6 years old, she might be homeschooled in the mid of 2012.
      If u have any questions, u can contact me by email.


      • Hello Eric,

        We are now in Johor and we live in Tmn Skudai Baru. I am still looking for a homeschool group here in Johor. Please, please, please, email me @ Thank you so much!

      • Hi eric,our family also live in nusa bestari area.we have a 6 years old girl ,we intend to home school her and we really need to talk to someone who have experience in homeschooling.hope to keep in touch with you.thanks

      • Look up the facebook groups and get in touch with the other families. I thin you’ll find a few closer to you and good luck 🙂

    • Hi,

      I lived in Horizonhill and homeschooling my daughter since she was 12 till now she is 15 years old,

      At the moment She has her teacher from Uk who lives in East ledang coming to my place
      Below is her schedule:
      Mon ; Math 9-11 then 3 – 6pm ( her religious class at nearby centre)
      Tues : English 11-1 then 4.30Pm to 6pm ( Piano & Violin)
      Wed: Art Class 11-1pm then 3-6pm ( her religious class again)
      Thursday : 4-5pm ( vocal lesson to improve her speech)
      Sat: Modelling class 12.30pm to 2pm ( in Singapore)

      So far im happy with all my arrangement.
      She took exam in one of the International school once a year in Johore)

      • I see that there are a few home schooling families nearby where I live. I have a 10, 7 and 2 years old. Wondering if any of you would like to meet up at the park or somewhere. I live in Tmn Skudai Baru. Salina, Does the teacher teaches all the academic subjects or just a specific subject?

      • Hi Salina,

        I am thinking of homeschooling my 8 year-old girl in JB. Any advice? Trying to get her out of the fast pace of Singapore.

        Thank you very much for your advice.


      • Do your research, clarify and know what you want to achieve and go for it! Don’t forget to have fun and cherish the memories you will build, you’re going to get to know your child very very well.

  7. Hi…. im mother of 2 girls which is 4 and 7. Im interesting in Homeschoold programme. Just would likw to know do any homeschool in Pahang and how to get start in this programme..

    • Hi Mong Fong Chee, my name is Alice and i m staying in Kuantan, Pahang…may i know which area r u in in Pahang? I m thinking of homeschooling my 21 months old daughter too…but i m still doing research on homeschooling as my hubby doesn’t really understand what it is and feel that he is reluctant to allow me to do so..thanks…

  8. I have 15 month old boys and am intrigued with home schooling but not sure if I have enough skills and knowledge to impart 🙂 But I must say that I agree with you – a ‘home schooling centre’ will make it NOT ‘home schooling’. All the best!

  9. Hi…we have 2 grils who is 12 and 9. for my 12 girl..we are in the mid of to decide either go homeschool or govn school…feel really headache..cos both also have good and bad…as worry about homeschool less activity which we need to plan for her…i’m working lady with busy schedule. Actually my girl dont have negative about homeschool but she just prefer have a proper should i convinct her about that ? chwee peng

  10. hi,
    I am currently homeschooling my daughter, she is 8 and we are doing great. however after half a year on this course i can feel my daughter is lonely and often she is looking for friends to meet. i tried the MHsN facebook but could not get through. do you mind posting on any playdates or playgroup available. i am from Sri Damansara. pls help.

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