Why we’re so irregular

When I first considered homeschooling, part of the reason I was keen was the supposedly more relaxed pace.  And I believe some people really do get this from homschooling but I am not one of them. Part of the reason this is the case is because we help with Pet Epicure, our family endeavour.

So, just to give you a feel for what we got up to over the last two days, here’s a list.

Wednesday, I got up and went to Circuit25, then I walked the dogs with Bern (3km). They did some drawing while I got the car sort for our trip and went to KLCC to meet the HSer at Petrosains. Then we went shoe shopping because children’s feet grow like weeds. We came home and the kids had french toast. Then they played on BrainPOP Jr and looked at the SAM website, I read to them and played chess with Bern. Then it was dinner and early bedtime as we had to be up really early the next day to go to Singapore.

Thursday, left house at 5.45. Got into the Jacob Ballas Garden for about 10.30 and played til Jon had to go to his noon meeting. I tried in vain to find the Singapore Art Museum and was saved by Kiki’s sharp eyes spotting Elliott the Children’s Season Mascot. We had lunch at dome then spent about 4 hours exploring the exhibition and really getting into the spirit of things. Then they decided thay had had enough quiet time and wanted to go to a park. We went to Fort Canning and had a mad 45 minutes running and chasing about, picked Jon up and then had dinner.  Started for home at about 8 and arrived close to 1pm.

Today, they’ve been at the shop playing with and socialising our adoptables. Also swam and after this, it’s a playdate.

So, life is kinda full. And finding time to compose a coherent post is somewhat impossible 🙂