Yesterday we went to the creek to splash and play. But life it’s really full of magic when you homeschool; we found a horse!


It was really skinny so I asked a friend to swing by Pet Epicure for some hay. We fed her and put some antibiotic ointment on her wound.

Today we bought some supplies and bathed her in addition to giving her more hay and antibiotic cream.


We braided her hair too. She’s still skinny but is a lot cleaner. The flies are less interested and she already recognises us.

Am not sure where this will take us. Is she abandoned or just neglected? Will she be there tomorrow? How long can we afford to feed a HORSE? No answers have I, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do our best for her today.



One thought on “Surprises

  1. That horse has been neglected a long time… will take quite a while to put that weight on. Not unlikely she’s got a good load of parasites – no danger to you, but may need worming (easy to do) or she won’t put that weight on.

    Good on you for taking care of her immediate needs. I hope you can find a long-term solution.

    Homeschooling is always such an adventure!

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