June Already?!?

It’s been such a busy year and I suddenly realised not only that I have barely been posting, but also that it has been such a long time since I posted regularly. Like most muma, my stuff often falls to the bottom of the priority list. I’d like to say I’m hard done to but most likely, I just get away with being slack because there isn’t really anyone to tell me off 🙂

So what have we been up to?

All three now attend gymnastics class in Damansara Perdana. I love how firm the coaches are. And how tired the kids are after class. I was also pleasantly surprised to meet yet more homeschoolers.

They also have piano lessons with the loveliest young lady. She is so good at what she does the kids cannot wait to get home to practiSE. While I do have to remind them, they always practise willingly. Pop me an email if you want her details.

Art class goes on with Mr Chan once a week. He is so patient and the kids abilities have developed nicely. They have explored pastels and poster paints in great depth and with much enthusiasm. Some of their creations are so joyful and honest I can’t help but smile.

We also visited the Craft Complex in Conlay several times to immerse ourselves in local craft during the Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2012 Fair. There was the expected rubbish but we found some real gems such as the Orang Asli weavings, batik stamps and old style cookie cutters and moulds.

Old school cookie cutters

Batik stamps made from recycled oil tins

Orang Asli Handwoven Mats

More updates soon if we are not too busy living and learning!


6 thoughts on “June Already?!?

    • Kids are between 6 and 10. The piano teacher is the talented Miss Misa (pianoberry82@gmail.com) and art is taught by Mr Chan (Simonchanart@yahoo.com)

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