As a closet anarchist of sorts, I strongly prefer to avoid organised, packaged  entertainment like theme parks and party games. So when the homeschoolers proposed a Kidzania outing, I secretly contemplated feigning a sprained ankle while signing up.

In the end however, we went. We arrived at 9 and were ushered into the then brand spanking new theme park where the kids got to pretend to be adults; get jobs, earn money and save or spend it. For all my wanting my kids to break free from the system and therefore opting to homeschool, my kids were perversely overjoyed by the entire concept. One was a definite big spender, one was so miserly I think he will be the first Kidzania millionaire and the last a total sheep, veering from copying one sibling’s nonchalance to wishing he had more to deposit in the bank.

My jaded cynicism aside, it is all in all an interesting and fun experience for the kids. I guess its a good thing to realise that you work lots to earn not much to buy even less. The uniforms and costumes are terribly cute and even I was impressed by the scope of the place.

A word of warning : Parents be ready to spend a lot of time on your feet. And to eat warm, coloured cardboard. The food is one step from inedible.

The painter



CSI agents



2 thoughts on “Kidzania

  1. Hi Alicia,

    I happened to be browsing your blog and saw that your son is called Cian too!

    Are you based in Singapore or Malaysia? We straddle both worlds, but it’s Singapore at the moment. Would be lovely to make contact.

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