Women will take back birth


The decision to homeschool started (though I didn’t know it then) with the births of my children. Those three episodes have marked me in ways I have yet to discover. Suffice to say, I learn the meaning of abuse, trauma and regret fully with the bearing of each child.

Don’t make my mistakes, come to the documentary and make informed decisions for yourself and help women around the world take back birth.




3 thoughts on “Women will take back birth

  1. Sorry. I truly opposed to your idea. Now, your children are young , it is easy to HS. Your home is as good as a playschool. But as they grow older, more perspectives in learning is required. Socially, they need to interact with many kinds of people, academically, they need specialised teaching in every subject. HS cannot provide that. would it be quality teaching if the teacher is a jack of all trades?

  2. sorry. my reply should be at the “why we homeschool”.
    By the way, many people regret homeschool when the time comes to colleges or further studies. Normally the children would be utmost sad, of course there would be few exceptions.Think again

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