Busier than ever

I cannot believe how long it has been since the last post. But in our defence, the last year has been a roller coaster.

The husband almost lost his job. In a soap opera worthy debacle of office politics with a cast of characters that personified unethical and selfish to a tee, he has finally emerged as a survivor. He’s breathing a little easier and we’re all feeling slightly better.

Now that Bern can read, he’s off.  He’s learning independently and he’s loving it. Today he’s at a coding workshop.


We were 20 minutes late though, because he was at a contemporary dance workshop by Jenie K this morning with Katelin.


In the meantime, I’ve had to close Pet Epicure, take on some freelance writing and I’m also working on reviving our raw pet food, That Bloody Diet.


The kids are now doing Odissi, a form of classical Indian dance with the talented Michelle Chang. They resumed gymnastics in Tmn Melawati (yay to less driving) and they’ve dabbled in ice skating, archery and craft.


We’ve also been to the UK (what a glorious time we had) and Legoland, Johor several times. We’ve also squeezed in a couple of trips to Singapore. They children have graduated to unsupervised doggie walks too.


Tragically, we lost Cian’s darling Milo to a random car accident, Cohiba lost a leg and my aunt,  who lived with us, passed away after a long battle with lupus.


The kids learned so much from living with an invalid. So did I.


So we have had a huge year. It’s been mad. Let’s hope this year is a little more gentle. And that I get to post more regularly.


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