Benefits of Homeschooling


Having Time for Pets
We really enjoy our for legged family and have so many lovely memories with them. Being homeschooled means the kids and the animals can be really close. Our dogs are devoted to the children and instinctively protect them from strangers; something which offers me peace of mind in this day and age.


Being a Close Knit Family
This is so important to us. They love their cousins, their great grandparents, both sets of grandparents and god parents. They interact with people from all ages everyday and will hopefully always will be able to relate to other people no matter the age gap.


Unstructured Play
Some of our favorite memories begin like this. And for expressive kids who would be criticised in a normal school setting, this is freedom and childhood, fun and acceptance. Once these precious years are gone, you can never get them back.


Art and Crafts
The dogs were more than happy to participate add the kids experimented with hair chalk.


The kids still enjoy Odissi and this wad taken after a workshop with visiting teachers from Japan and Russia.


Learning New Skills: Photography
This was taken by Katelin during a workshop organised by other HSers


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