On Homeschooling Centres Again

By very definition, homeschooling or home education is done at home. If you’re posh and loaded, hire a private tutor. Or even a few. If you’re average or capable or mad, you do it yourself.

Yes, you the parent will do the educating. If you can be trusted to keep a newborn alive, you can teach a child to read, write and count. Really, you can. You can leave your child’s innate curiosity to handle the rest. Or you can get a syllabus and help them through it.

But do stop asking me to recommend homeschool centres. It’s an oxymoron. You’re not doing your research and you are courting my scorn. I’m reserving my patience for worthier causes so before you pull your child from the system, you need to learn to do a bit of research.

(I got something like 20 questions on my comments section asking for homeschool centre recommendations. I’ve binned them all!)


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