Nana and Granddad have arrived

The kids are so lucky to have all four grandparents around and a great relationship with all four. However, my in laws, only see the kids twice a year, albeit for a month each time.  In spite in of this, the kids adore them and are very close.

Nana and granddad arrived on Wednesday evening and we’re looking forward to some serious fun. We’ve got birthday parties, Legoland and days trips in the pipelines. This flexibility is one of my favourite benefits of homeschooling my bunch.


Local Art Scene

While the kids have yet to actually done anything notable, over the last year, they’ve auditioned for musicals and plays and just yesterday, they tried for some voice over work. How cool is that? I am sensing a very exciting time for our local arts industry.

At yesterday’s audition, inadvertently arrived an hour early so we ‘had’ to watch JD and Dilly work. It was so very helpful for the children to see that even professionals mess up their lines and how they just focused on having fun. I really should’ve asked them for a photo, with hind sight.
The lovely pair then helped the kids a little by adjusting their lines and rehearsing with them. JD said he used to be a lecturer so we talked about education and homeschooling for a while.

Anyway, I’m going to leave you with these exciting thoughts and something to look forward too, a film produced by Bernice Low; who invited the kids to audition. It’s called In Between Floors


My older two are on the brink of this new phase and I wonder how to handle it? I’m usually a sit back and see but in this, my instinct to to mark it, to honour and celebrate that soon they will be adults.

A dear friend recently threw a small party at her home to celebrate her daughter’s first period. I think her daughter was embarrassed at first but warmed up after a while. There were a lot of women there and we gave her small gifts and some advice. Most of it was pretty generic but I felt honoured to be part of that group.

In my family, there was no pause even to acknowledge our new status even though there we were 4 sisters. While it wasn’t belittled, it certainly wasn’t something to commemorate. I grew up with the attitude that it was just something to endure and get through. Only now am I learning that it is ok to rest and seek quiet during those days.

How old are you children and how have you recognised this rite of passage? What are your thoughts?

I leave you with Rites for Girls to read and think about. If you know of an equivalent for boys, please share.

Crash Course

Have you seen this?

They are fascinating, captivating and the kids really love them. They’ve been watching consistently for over a month plus one of the brothers wrote The Fault in Our Stars! Here’s their blurb..

Crash Course’s goal is to provide entertaining, high quality, education to the entire world for free…no big.

Hank and John Green have been making online video since 2007 and now have over 1500 videos on YouTube between them that, combined, have been viewed more than 500,000,000 times.

In 2011, when YouTube asked the brothers what they’d do with a grant from Google, they decided to go with their strengths and create a series of videos teaching high school and college-level courses for free on YouTube.

Almost two years later, they’ve taught world history, American history, literature, ecology, biology, and chemistry. Also, the Google money is running out. Google’s goal was to create self-sustaining content and, well, it turns out complicated videos about the Mongol empire or chemical bonding models don’t tend to go viral.

Self-sustaining tends to mean “gets so many views that the content pays for itself with ads.” Our hope is that there’s another model, and that Crash Course can exist because people want it to. And they want it bad enough that they’ll pay to support it.

If you’d like to subscribe…you know what to do.

Malaysian Homeschooling Network

It has occurred to me that I have been really way too slack in disseminating information about homeschooling in Malaysia. It is partly due to the vibrant and very active Facebook group, Malaysian Homeschooling Network. Below is their About Us which you should read. Do check them out and join them to get connected.

*The main objectives of Malaysian Homeschooling Network (MHsN) are:
1) to provide peer support; and
2) to increase networking for homeschoolers.
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*We welcome those who are:
1) currently homeschooling their children or planning to homeschool / home-educate their children; and/or
2) pro-homeschooling (for example like you love homeschooling but may not able to homeschool yet or you don’t have children but support homeschooling or you want to homeschool but your parents/spouse disapprove).

*Want to know more about homeschooling?
Have a look at these Malaysian links:
Homeschooling FAQ by Learning Beyond Schooling
– see the end of this entry, under “What’s next?” (

*This article sums up about homeschooling nicely. Please take the time to read it.

*First step to homeschooling is usually to ‘deschool’. Articles about ‘deschooling’:
Dechooling Gently –
Deschooling for Parents –

*What is ‘unschooling’? Role of unschooling parents and Principles of unschooling?
Please read this article – I Live Therefore I Learn: Living an Unschooling Life –

*Unschooling links:

*Islamic homeschooling:
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