Malaysian Homeschooling Network

It has occurred to me that I have been really way too slack in disseminating information about homeschooling in Malaysia. It is partly due to the vibrant and very active Facebook group, Malaysian Homeschooling Network. Below is their About Us which you should read. Do check them out and join them to get connected.

*The main objectives of Malaysian Homeschooling Network (MHsN) are:
1) to provide peer support; and
2) to increase networking for homeschoolers.
(If you are business owner, please don’t advertise your business in the group)

*We welcome those who are:
1) currently homeschooling their children or planning to homeschool / home-educate their children; and/or
2) pro-homeschooling (for example like you love homeschooling but may not able to homeschool yet or you don’t have children but support homeschooling or you want to homeschool but your parents/spouse disapprove).

*Want to know more about homeschooling?
Have a look at these Malaysian links:
Homeschooling FAQ by Learning Beyond Schooling
– see the end of this entry, under “What’s next?” (

*This article sums up about homeschooling nicely. Please take the time to read it.

*First step to homeschooling is usually to ‘deschool’. Articles about ‘deschooling’:
Dechooling Gently –
Deschooling for Parents –

*What is ‘unschooling’? Role of unschooling parents and Principles of unschooling?
Please read this article – I Live Therefore I Learn: Living an Unschooling Life –

*Unschooling links:

*Islamic homeschooling:
(see the links to other islamic homeschooling blogs on the ride side of this blog)

*Kindly send a brief private message (PM) to the admins (Zaszima Abu Samah / Ng Shannon) if you like to join this group by:
1) Telling us a little bit about yourselves and your children (if you have children);
2) Whether you are homeschooling or plan to homeschool: and/or
3) Why you are pro-homeschooling and why you want to join MHsN.

All members info, comments and photos are private and confidential. Pleases don’t share outside group. If want to share, please get the member’s permission.

MHsN email:

Thank you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Malaysian Homeschooling Network

  1. Hi Alicia. I am Gladys, a mother of 2. I live in Skudai, Johor and I am looking into the possibilities of homeschooling my children. I am currently homeschooling my elder one, who is 4 this year but I do not have a clear understanding of how to go about this systematically. Is there any support group in my area? TIA

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