My older two are on the brink of this new phase and I wonder how to handle it? I’m usually a sit back and see but in this, my instinct to to mark it, to honour and celebrate that soon they will be adults.

A dear friend recently threw a small party at her home to celebrate her daughter’s first period. I think her daughter was embarrassed at first but warmed up after a while. There were a lot of women there and we gave her small gifts and some advice. Most of it was pretty generic but I felt honoured to be part of that group.

In my family, there was no pause even to acknowledge our new status even though there we were 4 sisters. While it wasn’t belittled, it certainly wasn’t something to commemorate. I grew up with the attitude that it was just something to endure and get through. Only now am I learning that it is ok to rest and seek quiet during those days.

How old are you children and how have you recognised this rite of passage? What are your thoughts?

I leave you with Rites for Girls to read and think about. If you know of an equivalent for boys, please share.


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