Local Art Scene

While the kids have yet to actually done anything notable, over the last year, they’ve auditioned for musicals and plays and just yesterday, they tried for some voice over work. How cool is that? I am sensing a very exciting time for our local arts industry.

At yesterday’s audition, inadvertently arrived an hour early so we ‘had’ to watch JD and Dilly work. It was so very helpful for the children to see that even professionals mess up their lines and how they just focused on having fun. I really should’ve asked them for a photo, with hind sight.
The lovely pair then helped the kids a little by adjusting their lines and rehearsing with them. JD said he used to be a lecturer so we talked about education and homeschooling for a while.

Anyway, I’m going to leave you with these exciting thoughts and something to look forward too, a film produced by Bernice Low; who invited the kids to audition. It’s called In Between Floors


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