Someone mentioned that we must be very brave and clever to home school the kids. The kids are special because we are a mixed culture family. I disagree; we’re very average and very normal. Sometimes, I’d say we’re lazy and not very bright. Take for instance this morning when I lifted the sewing machine from the bottom of the shelf without really bracing myself, resulting in some mysterious damage that left me unable to walk and stand until I spent 2 hours stretching.

You could call my fear of driving in rush hour traffic cowardly. The very notion of queuing and double parking everyday for the next decade fills me with dread. Not to mention boredom and I have a particularly low tolerance for boredom.

Are the kids special? Well, as their mum, I’m duty bound to say yes. I guess they are a fairly jolly bunch though I’m sure every other mother has a similarly inflated attitude of her own offspring. But if I am to be completely circumspect, they are very average really. Bern flips out if he has too many instructions, Keeks can be a nag and Cian is creative in his ability to interpret instructions.

What I’m trying to say is that anyone, who wants to, can homeschool their kids. It really is a matter of choosing your battles; your kids or the traffic? The extra work in being responsible for their education or the extra worry is wondering what ridiculous notion they’ll pick up from school friends/teachers/etc?

I choose my children. I choose responsibility.

I choose to share with them gardening, cooking, making do, stories in the afternoon and playing in the rain. I choose lazy afternoons eating biscuits and I choose to answer 267 questions a day.

william martin


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