Teach Your Monster to Read


When I stumbled across the link in a google search, I laughed to myself for a minute before clicking. And I was pleasantly surprised. It’s British for a start and the kids instantly said they love the way the narrator speaks. Bern is disappointed that he is too advanced and Kiki says she’ll try it even though it may be too easy.

monster-quote1-261f6416373b4ee594b16cf404d88ee6 monster-quote2-4409873e809a128faea4e53bc70c8c44 monster-quote3-acae2c1c38f94b71621c0da4d47be694

Cian’s been on it for 45 minutes and cannot wait to have another go tomorrow. So if your child needs help learning to read, go check out Teach Your Monster to Read. Best of all, it is free for computers! I can’t wait to see how they kids take to this.


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