Home Sweet Home

The more time we’ve invested in our home, the more there is to do and see. Now we’ve been here 5 years, our trees and plants are really mature and we are beginning to see an even larger variety of birds and butterflies around us.

And now, we’ve realised we have honey bees forming a hive on the roof; between the creeper and the balcony. Some would be horrified but we are delighted. Even though I am allergic to bees and will need to carry some kind of drug around to ensure I don’t asphyxiate the next time I am stung, I couldn’t be happier.

At first I was worried they’d be an aggressive species but after consulting knowledgeable people (via Facebook of course!) we are fairly certain they are Apis Cerana or Asian Honey Bees.

Our chickens have begun to lay too! Behold, the first egg.
the first egg

All around us Nature is fighting this uphill battle. Ancient forests are burning, bees are dying by the millions yet here is our little slice of paradise, all is well. These little joys are what keep us here.

Now to go and buy that life saving drug for just in case 🙂


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