Because we are home schooled,  the kids are super curious and love meeting new people. They are also fairly independent and happy to go off without me.  Before Cian was even 3, he decided to go with my uncle to his wife’s family in Bentong for an over night trip.

Now he’s almost 8 and his older siblings were desperate to be included in the fun; this year they were allowed to go to.  Here are some photos.






Gotta love extended family!

Teach Your Monster to Read


When I stumbled across the link in a google search, I laughed to myself for a minute before clicking. And I was pleasantly surprised. It’s British for a start and the kids instantly said they love the way the narrator speaks. Bern is disappointed that he is too advanced and Kiki says she’ll try it even though it may be too easy.

monster-quote1-261f6416373b4ee594b16cf404d88ee6 monster-quote2-4409873e809a128faea4e53bc70c8c44 monster-quote3-acae2c1c38f94b71621c0da4d47be694

Cian’s been on it for 45 minutes and cannot wait to have another go tomorrow. So if your child needs help learning to read, go check out Teach Your Monster to Read. Best of all, it is free for computers! I can’t wait to see how they kids take to this.

Complementary Health

On Friday afternoon, I moved three 100+kg pots of bamboo plus about a dozen smaller plants. All good. But on Saturday morning, I picked up my sewing machine from the bottom shelf and one of its rubber feet snagged on the shelf which caused a little click in my back. When I tried to stand after that, it was awkward. By Saturday night, I had to crawl up the stairs and when I did attempt to walk, I had the unmistakeable posture and gait of a Zombie.

My sister, who is a vet (because humans are animals too!), said I had most likely slipped a disc and I’d need an MRI. I did try and the husband drove me to Prince court at 10pm. The somewhat vacant Dr Ding offered painkillers and an MRI on….. drumroll…. Wednesday! There was no way I was going to amble around like a primate for so long, so I said thank you but no thank you and went to Gleneagles, which was so busy I decided to go home to bed instead.

Throughout the whole of Saturday I id my best to stretch my back (using the yoga poses I had learned form Shilpa Gatalia of Yogshakti in 2013) so that I could undo the click. That night in bed, I felt it. The relief was instant and I was able to stand and walk on Sunday albeit uncomfortably. I also looked like I was attempting some serious Kegels or carrying tins of Milo between my thighs, not even remotely glamourous.

By some stroke of luck, mum had booked an appointment with Alexis at One Osteo for today so I went instead. I’ve been many times before and I swear by it. After 40 minutes of being manipulated, I was dizzy and sore but the ‘rightness’ in my spine was indescribable.

While I have always been flexible and strong, even more so after my 21 day yoga course with Shilpa, I have always felt that my lower half of my spine lacked movement. Not anymore. I am a new person literally; I can physically feel it.

Bern has also benefited tremendously from osteopathy (his stomach muscles did not close until he was 10 and had his first osteopathic treatment with Florian Prucca who has since returned to France) and here’s my advice to HS families out there; if you are brave enough to strike out on your own in education, extend your courage to complementary health. Our health and well being as a family has improved from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Homoepathy,Yoga and Osteopathy.

Don’t get me wrong, allopathic medicine is not evil or useless. I just think there are many things that can and should be dealt with more successfully with complementary methods.

Here’s a link to the people we rely on in case you’re interested

Osteopathy Alexis and Pierre of One Osteo

TCM, Acupuncture and Acupressure Yen

Yoga Shilpa of Yogshakti

Homeopathy Nicole Cunningham of Puraforce

How lucky

I have been reading about Maya Angelou and thinking about all the children caught in the various wars happening around the world at the moment. I’ve been worrying about the thousands homeless after the floods and those whose lives were lost while on a plane.

And I found this on Brain Pickings; so so dark.


And I remember how lucky and sheltered my children are. And I hope they do not take it for granted. Sometimes I need to step back and remember that while I spend hours agonising about getting their education just right, they are kids out there in plain agony; plagued by fear, hunger and hopelessness.

While we invest in the latest Lego for our kids, lets never forget that there are some with none and that it is also our duty to try to remember them and help them.